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Gaythorne Bowls Club Newsletter July 2018

Gaythorne Bowls Club Newsletter July 2018

Each month Gaythorne Bowls Club publishes our newsletter with all the upcoming events and events that have just taken place, events may include upcoming functions, meals and bowls events.

Many thanks must go to Kevin Hass who collated and published the Club “In Touch” newsletter since 2015.

Kev has taken a break from his volunteer work at the club and is pursuing many of his other interests such as the propagation and sales of staghorns, elkhorns and the like, as well as photography, lapidary and canoeing just to name a few.

The Club would like to thank Kev for his dedication. He is, together with Thea Baucheval, still actively involved in club promotion and is the driving force behind the Club’s involvement with the BCC ‘Gold Program’ on selected Wednesday evenings throughout the year.


Our annual Christmas in July night will take on a different look this year with the following event-

Christmas in July

Interactive Murder Mystery

'Cold Turkey.'

Presented by

The Inside Outside

Theatre Company.

It is 1990 and celebrity chef, Matt Crocker is back with TV starLouLouStClair.

They are planning a star studded wedding. But LouLou will not go ahead with the ceremony until Matt tests negative for any illicit substances.

So in the lead up to Christmas, Matt is going ‘Cold Turkey’ and it isn’t panning out too well for him or his staff, he is angrier than ever before and they are all feeling it.

Come dressed as a 90s celeb or a detective if you like! 3 course meal included.

On Friday 20 July 2018.

Dinner from 5:30pm – 7.00pm.

Show starts at 7.30pm.


Gaythorne Bowls Club
18 Prospect Road, Gaythorne, QLD 4051

Members are urged to please support this event to support the Club.  Bring friends and/or relatives along for a great interactive fun night.

The cost for the night will be $45.00 per head.

Bookings  on line at:-


The Board decided that the diabolically slow 12 year old Club computer system in the office should be replace, and the 2011 version of the Reckon accounting program be upgraded to the 2018 version.

The club accepted a quote of $1820.00 from ‘Techs on Time’ that included the cost of a new custom made computer, a new wireless keyboard and mouse, installation and a new ‘Thunderbolt’ anti-surge power board.

The old monitor was retained and all equipment has been installed.

The Club approached our B.C.C. Councilor Andrew Wines, to see if we could get a local Community grant to cover our computer outlays but all of his funds had been allocated.

We were pleasantly surprised when our grants guru David Oleary advised us that he had succesfully obtaining a grant from the ‘Lord Mayors Community Benefit Fund’ for the full cost of the computer and installation.

We have since received the funds. The Club thanks the Brisbane City Council for their generous support.

The accounting program was upgraded to the 2018 version at a once off cost of $760.00 which included one year of technical support and the ability to store our backed up accounts ‘in the clouds’, meaning we can not lose our data due to any fire event etc.

Application for a grant of $35,000.00 has been lodged by David with the ‘Gambling Community Benefit Fund’ and hopefully will be used for replacing all club carpet with carpet tiles, and replacing all club lighting with new LCD lights and tubes.

The hall lighting will have all the old fluoro tubes and fittings completely replaced. The quote also includes the replacement of the present sodium vapour greens lighting, with LCD’s thus saving substantially on power consumption.

The quotes for this work totaled just over $37,000.00 so the Club will have to meet the difference.

Grant applications will be decided in four months, so we will have to wait with fingers crossed.

The Board is pleased to announce that that they have appointed Mr. George Szydlowski to the position of permanent Club Caterer as from Friday 15th June. From that date on, 3 course meals, (Soup of the Day, Mains and Sweets) will be served every Friday night from at 5.30pm until 7.30pm at a cost of only $16.00 per head.

All catering fees will go to George. All other derived income will go to the Club.

As a result of this appointment, the Board has decided that as of 15/6/18 there will be no ‘self catering’ allowed for functions or BBQ’s and that all catering will be done by George who is most flexible with a range of prices to suit any occasion. Minimum attendance may be required to meet some lower price ranges. George can be contacted on 0450 043 776.

All members are urged to support George and the Club by coming along on Friday nights.

The office photocopier is over 6 years old has developed software problems, is constantly jamming and is past its use by date.

As a result the board has negotiated with Berwicks for a new, faster Konica Minolta copier to be installed on a five years lease agreement at $167.00 per month.

The old printer cost $88.00 per month with b&w copies costing 9c and colour copies 19c per side.

The new printer agreement allows for 1000 b&w copies and 300 colour copies to be included in the monthly payment. Printing in excess of these allowances will cost .7c for b&w and 7c for colour.

In addition the new printer will have an attached booklet printer that will also automatically staple each booklet, whereas previously it was done by hand. This feature can be well utilized by printing the AGM Booklet, Constitution, club advertising booklets and promotional material etc.