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September & October Gold

Gaythorne Bowls Club likes getting people involved in a new activity, and that is, lawn bowls.


If you live around the Gaythorne / Mitchelton area, or for that matter, anywhere in Brisbane, come to Gaythorne Bowls Club and take up the challenge of playing lawn bowls. It's easy and relaxing and you will say “that went fast” at the end of your FREE Learn to Play Lawn Bowls sessions during September and October.

In September, the clubhouse will be open every Wednesday Morning for FREE Learn to Play Lawn Bowls to be held from 9am to 11am.

In October, the clubhouse will be open every Tuesday evening for FREE Learn to Play Lawn Bowls to be held from 6pm to 8pm.

For both sessions Enclosed, flat soled shoes are to be worn whilst on the greens. For October sessions please wear Hats or sunscreen.

Can you also please arrive at least 15 mins prior to commencement time.

Gaythorne Bowls Club welcomes people of all ages to its club and The Learn to Play Lawn Bowls sessions are for anyone aged 10 and over as our club wants to keep going for forever and a day.

Gaythorne Bowls Club has worked very closely (since 2015 actually) with the Brisbane City Council in holding these Introduction to Lawn Bowls sessions as part of the Council's GOLD Program for people aged 50 and over.

GOLD represents Growing Old and Living Dangerously. There are all sorts of activities in the GOLD Program, but all the activities are aimed at getting older people involved in a new activity and one that will give them exercise and pleasure to undertake.

The club likes to encourage younger people to also come and join in, as its usually the younger ones, that will probably at a later time, enter and compete in the big State, National and International competitions.

So, all that is left to do, is to ensure that your busy lifestyle will include coming to Gaythorne

Bowls Club every Tuesday evening in October and giving lawn bowls a go.

Also, did you know that Friday nights from 5pm to 8pm are great meal nights at Gaythorne

Bowls Club. Swagman's Spit Roast have terrific family orientated meals at very reasonable prices.

Our regular Friday night diners are keen on spreading the word about the great new chef as they like the relaxed, old-world charm and atmosphere at Gaythorne Bowls Club. Or, if hungry, on Friday evenings just come with your family or mates and chill out for a while, maybe even get interested in 8 Ball Pool.

Our well stocked Bar is also open on Friday evenings.