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Unwelcome visitors to No 2 Green

Our No 2 Green has had millions of unwanted summer visitors all with the Name Ground Pearl.

 Signs of Ground Pearl occupancy of a grassy area include unsightly, irregular patches of grass that will eventually die out. These lawn visitors suck out plant fluids and deposit a toxic salivary substance that causes your grass to turn yellow and then brown. This damage is most often seen during dry conditions.

They are visitors that we did not want nor did we invite them. Also, all Grahams hard work did not get rid of them, they just kept doing what Ground Pearl's do, causing compaction and breeding like mad.

The board has agreed to have the No 2 gree fully renovated by a company called Advanced Turf Management.

The work was due to commence on the week of 22 January and take around 15 weeks to reach a playing surface. (Weather permitting), i.e. by May 2023

Change of Plan Chris Hepburn from AGM is now removing the turf this coming Wednesday, Jan 18 and if we get sufficient workers from the Club we will use some of the removed turf to replace the damage on No 1 green until renovated later this year. Margaret the Club Secretary has sent out a group email asking for assistance to relay this turf on Sunday 22nd January 2023.

As the damaged areas are mainly around the edges this will not impact greatly on the actual playing surface.

The loss of No 2 Green will not impact on the Alex Gow or the Super 8's competitions as when one comp is at home the other is away.

The Board further propose that following the renovation of Green No. 2, we apply for a grant (when grants become available) to do the same to Grenn No. 1 later this year so that for 2024 we have two good greens again. Picture below of our unwelcome visitors.

unwelcome visitor